Certificaciones de Bioseguridad

Desde la IFBA (International Federation of Biosafety Associations) piden la colaboración de los profesionales expertos en bioseguridad de todo el mundo para que colaboren contestando y difundiendo unas encuestas (ver e-mail a continuación) con el objetivo de desarrollar 3 nuevas certificaciones profesionales de Bioseguridad referidas a: Diseño de Instalaciones, operaciones y mantenimiento, Selección instalación y uso de las Cabinas de bioseguridad y Bioseguridad.

Dear Colleagues,

The IFBA is developing 3 new professional certifications in “Biocontainment Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance”, “Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation& Safe Use” and “Biosecurity”.We are now seeking your expertise in completing a Job Task Analysis (JTA) to collect worldwide input and perspective into the development of each new certification.  Click here to read further details on the IFBA’s Certification Program.

The JTA analysis will be used to design the examinations by mapping which knowledge and task statements are critical and essential to your profession. By participating in this process you will be providing real-world expertise into the examination process and ensure the new certifications remain a relevant and reliable measure of competency.

We are seeking participation from stakeholders worldwide and ask that each of you complete the analysis at the links below. Each JTA should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete and you may also choose to be entered into a draw for a voucher to receive a free certification exam.

Please share this survey widely with your colleagues. IFBA’s Member Biosafety Associations are asked to distribute the links to their membership. The deadline for completing the process is Thursday, July 30th 2015.

Professional Certification in Biocontainment Facility Design, Operations & Maintenance JTA: http://assess.limequery.com/index.php/932142/lang-en

Professional Certification in Biosafety Cabinet Selection, Installation & Safe Use JTA: http://assess.limequery.com/index.php/831665/lang-en

Professional Certification in Biosecurity JTA: http://assess.limequery.com/index.php/977677/lang-en

With very best regards,


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